现代奴隶制是一种犯罪,是对基本人权的侵犯. 它有各种各样的形式,比如奴役, 奴役, 强迫劳动和人口贩卖, 所有这一切都有一个共同之处,即被另一个人剥夺自由,以便为个人或商业利益剥削他们.


This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending July 31 2021


宝盈app安卓手机下载是高等教育部门的教育和研究服务的提供者. 宝盈app安卓手机下载主要从其位于英国巴斯市的校园运营,由三个学院组成, 16个部门, 一个学院和四个研究所共同承担着提供世界一流的研究和教学的组织使命, 教育宝盈app安卓手机下载的学生成为未来的领导者和创新者, 并通过宝盈app安卓手机下载的研究惠及更广泛的人群, 企业和影响力. 宝盈app安卓手机下载现在有c. 19000名学生和c. 3200名员工. 宝盈app安卓手机下载在2020/21财年的年营业额为2.9亿英镑.


大学的供应链是全球性的和复杂的支持,反映了通过宝盈app安卓手机下载的教学开展的各种各样的活动, 研究和商业伙伴关系. Our expenditure with third party suppliers during 2020-21 can be categorised at a high level under the following categories (the percentage split is indicative):

  • 屋苑及建筑51.7%
  • 专业服务14%
  • IT & 电信9.1%
  • 实验室 & 医学9.1%
  • 公用事业公司6.1%
  • 图书馆4.5%
  • 家居 & 安全2.4%
  • 餐饮0.8%
  • 旅行 & 运输0.7%
  • 办公用品 & 打印0.7%
  • 家具 & 家具0.5%
  • 体育0.4%


大学致力于确保在宝盈app安卓手机下载的供应链或宝盈app安卓手机下载业务的任何部分不存在现代奴隶制或人口贩运. 宝盈app安卓手机下载有义务报告确保宝盈app安卓手机下载业务和供应链的所有部分都是免费的, 宝盈app安卓手机下载运作并定期审查工作场所的政策和程序,以评估其在确定和解决现代奴隶制问题方面的有效性. Our workplace policies and procedures demonstrate our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our supply chains.



这将促进一个激励和支持的和没有骚扰的工作和学习环境, bullying and victimisation; where individuals are confident, 如果他们真诚地提出投诉, 将按照商定的程序处理此事,不必担心日后受害或处于不利地位. 本政策适用于所有员工(包括临时工和志愿工作者), 荣誉及到访员工, 志愿者、学生和第三方(e.g. 大学的承建商、客户或客户).

平等和多样性 & 包含政策

这详细说明了大学如何能最有效地影响平等, 多样性和包容性以及消除骚扰和歧视(包括宝盈app安卓手机下载的“# bechange”运动).


宝盈app安卓手机下载致力于保持最高标准的诚实, 开放和负责任,并以负责任的方式开展业务. 这一政策 鼓励员工以一种负责任的方式提出他们的担忧,当有渎职(即, 非法, 不当或疏忽的行为)或在组织内的不法行为, 他们在哪里这样做, 保护员工免受报复.

健康 & 安全与健康 & 福利政策

这就设定了对员工的期望, 学生, 和承包商支持大学努力提供安全和健康的工作场所,并履行自己照顾他人的个人义务.


This aims to ensure the safety and welfare of children and adults at risk whilst on the University's premises or while engaging in activities controlled by the University. The 英国宝盈app安卓手机下载 was represented on the Operations Board of the Bath and North East Somerset Community Safety and Safeguarding Partnership whose remit includes Modern Slavery issues.


这确保了宝盈app安卓手机下载的招聘过程是非歧视性的,员工有权在英国工作, 在他们开始工作前进行检查,并满足英国签证规定的所有移民要求 & 移民(UKVI).


宝盈app安卓手机下载继续改进宝盈app安卓手机下载的品类管理方法,以管理与大学的第三方供应商的开支, 这使宝盈app安卓手机下载能够在必要时按类别和供应商管理供应链风险. 定期审查宝盈app安卓手机下载的供应链类别允许与现代奴隶制和人口贩运相关的风险被考虑, 识别和管理. 大学采购货物时使用的标准合同条款和条件, service and works include provisions that embed the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act and provide the University with the powers to request information from our suppliers on the nature of their supply chains where necessary.

We highlight our commitment to tackling modern slavery and human trafficking to all new suppliers and seek confirmation that new suppliers have no convictions under the Modern Slavery Act and are compliant with the Act.

这所大学已发展出一套 负责任采购实务守则, 哪些文件记录了宝盈app安卓手机下载与环境有关的目标, 社会, 对经济和道德的影响, 其中包括现代奴隶制和人口贩卖, 采购所有商品时, 服务和工作. 这也明确了大学的所有供应商都应遵守责任采购原则.

宝盈app安卓手机下载致力于在宝盈app安卓手机下载的酒店和餐饮服务中使用和销售符合道德标准的食品. 该大学曾获最佳公平贸易大学金奖, 以确认宝盈app安卓手机下载对公平贸易产品的持续承诺, 促销活动和事件, 以及宝盈app安卓手机下载为公平贸易两周所做的努力. 公平贸易标准明确禁止使用强迫劳动和童工. 独立审计员被用来寻找雇主滥用或歧视劳工做法的证据, 现代奴隶制的标志是什么.

宝盈app安卓手机下载在采购货物、服务和工程时遵守公共合同条例. When the estimated value of the contract exceeds the EU value thresholds we ask all applicable bidding suppliers to confirm their compliance with the Modern Slavery Act. 生活工资基金会已认可该大学为生活工资雇主. 大学承诺确保员工的薪水与生活费用保持同步. As part of this initiative we also request that relevant suppliers to the University also pay their staff the National Living wage or greater when delivering services to the University.

该大学利用一系列可用的框架协议由购买财团suc建立. This consortium is committed to ensuring modern slavery and human trafficking does not exist within their supply chains and requires suppliers operating within high risk industries to commit to the Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). The ETI Base Code is founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and is an internationally recognised code of labour practice, requiring that employment is freely chosen; freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected; working conditions are safe and hygienic; child labour shall not be used; living wages are paid; working hours are not excessive; no discrimination is practised; regular employment is provided; and no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

The University also can seek expert guidance and support from Electronics Watch via our relationship with SUPC where the purchasing of electronic equipment is concerned. Electronics Watch brings together public sector buyers and civil society organisations in electronics production regions with experts in human rights and global supply chains. They guide public procurement demand for decent working conditions in electronics supply chains and provide capacity for public buyers to follow up on contractual demands through worker-driven monitoring which helps workers to voice complaints and contribute to solutions.

所有专业采购人员每年都接受英国特许采购学会(Chartered Institute of procurement)的道德采购培训 & 供应.


We will continue to review and where necessary evolve our working practices to ensure that the risks associated with modern slavery and human trafficking are managed effectively. 特别是,在2021-22财政年度,宝盈app安卓手机下载的目标是专注于以下领域:

All professional procurement staff will undertake refresher training on Ethical Procurement provided by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and 供应 (CIPS) in order to ensure their knowledge of the subject is maintained. The CIPS training is regularly updated to reflect current knowledge and best practice on the subject of ethical procurement and includes dedicated material on modern slavery and human trafficking.



We will continue to develop our knowledge and understanding of the high risk industries by continuing to work closely with our key suppliers and support organisations such as Electronics Watch.

We will maintain an open dialogue with other buying organisations that have adopted recognised good practice when tackling modern slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains and seek to learn from their experience.

We will continue to promote the University 公众利益披露政策(举报) reiterating its role in reporting instances of suspected modern slavery or human trafficking throughout any part of the University operation.

批准 Pamela chester CBE,理事会主席,2021年11月18日